Waiting to Disappear
Late Nights

In this weary mind with tired eyes, from late nights with starry skies,
swirls about a restless thought, pushing me to run away, from things that I should not.
As I scratch my head and rub my eyes, I brush off this tired ache.
But no matter how hard I try, it’s always there when I awake.

My life without you would be like a coloring book with no crayons. Very disappointing, and covered in tears.
September 26 2014

I know this is in my head, I think, these shapes as I lay in the dark.
I know this is in my head.
I close my eyes, though it makes no difference, and I lay in a world that’s spinning.
I know this is in my head, I think, and I’m going to be okay.
I’m going to be okay, I think, because I know this is in my head.
I know this is in my head, I think…


Immersed among dirt and stone, deep within the ground, lives a seed that’s so eager, just waiting to be found.
Perhaps his name is Steve, or Michael, or maybe Bill.
We don’t know his name yet, but perhaps someday, we will.


There is a song there he thought. There’s a melody to hum, and words to be sung.
There was a song there he thought, waiting to flourish and bloom. All it needed was the right voice.


If you are not my rock, who will stop me from crumbling in this wind.
I have stood up against many harsh gusts, and I have held you through many storms.
I am yours; but if you are not my rock, then who will keep me from crumbling into nothing.

August 18 2014

With a pen whose ink flowed freely, I wrote three words.
The ink was smudged and the paper was wrinkled, but the words burned bright with truth.
Far away from any eavesdropping ears, I would say them over and over again.
Late at night I would whisper them, as if darkness could mask the meaning behind these soft words.
Perhaps I was afraid to lie; Or
perhaps I was afraid that it wasn’t a lie at all.
Even so, my fears did nothing to dampen the truth; for as we lay there together, I missed the feeling of those words on my lips.
I would feel them waiting eagerly on the tip of my tongue, longing to be free.
Know now, I am unafraid of this truth.
No longer will I hold it back from you with clenched teeth.

With a voice clear of doubt, I read to you this poem.
Every letter of every word flows off my tongue so simply, and easily.
Every sound of every tone is at home on these lips.
Know now, I am unafraid of this truth.
I once missed its feeling as it lay waiting upon my tongue, but never again will the words be missed, for they will freely be spoken.
Know now, I am unafraid of this truth.
Out loud in the brightness of day, or with the moon as my witness, these words, I will say to you.
I love you.

August 11 2014

Beneath the falling sky, night took my hand.
It turned off the stars, and it dimmed my heart, and the darkness overcame me.

August 10 2014

My love for you will not waver, even in the howling face of the worlds strongest hate.


The branches of trees rustle in the soft breeze casting dancing shadows onto the concrete below.
My heart beat calls out in the empty night but I hear nothing but my own steady breath.
Leaves tumble along in the gutter leading me down the pavement with the echoing steps of my feet.
I will walk and walk, and walk longer still.
I will walk until my feet are no more, for my heart will never cease searching for you.